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Every Monday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Syed Wasi Shah
Directed By : Shahid Zahoor
Cast : Sania Saeed, Baber Ali, Faisal Qureshi, Zainab Qayyum, Abdul Samad, Ali Shiba, Shamoon Abbasi, Sheraz Sikandar, Rabia, Tabassam

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Every Tuesday at 7:45 pm

Written By : Iqbal Bano
Directed By : Shoaib Khan
Cast : Areej Fatima, Affan Waheed, Kaif Ghaznavi, Mohsin Gillani, Huma Nawab, Manzoor Qureshi, Taqi Ahmed, Shameen, Ramsha, Saleem Miraj, Maria Khan, Faisal Naqvi, Beena Chaudhry

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Every Wednesday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Hanif Sehar
Director: Ahsan Ali Zaidi
Cast : Talat Hussain, Saba Faisal, Salma Zafar, Ashfar Rehman, Nimra Khan, Anam Aqeel
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Every Thursday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Seema Ghazal
Director : Naveed Jafri
Cast : Shehzad Sheikh, Mansha Pasha, Ali Hassan, Talat Hussain, Sidra Batool, Mohsin Raza Gillani, Shehzad Ali Khan, Rida Asfani
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Every Friday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Nadeem Arfi
Directeded By : Raheel Nadeem
Cast : Zeba Bakhtiar, Shabbir Jan, Javed Sheikh, Mona Shah, Kamran Jillani, Agha Shiraz

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Every Saturday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Amanullah Nasir
Directed By : Abid Ali
Cast : Zeba Bakhtiar, Abid Ali, Mohsin Gillani, Irum Akhter, Hannan Sameed

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Every Sunday at 7:50 pm

Written By : Shahid Mehmood Nadeem
Directed By : Kashif Nisar
Cast : Sajjal Ali, Yamna Zaidi, Agha Ali, Samina Ahmed, Mohsin Gillani, Seemi Raheel, Iftikhar Thakur

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Dard (1920hrs)
Writer: Nadia Akhter, Ammara Ashfaq
Cast : Asad Malik, Sohail Sameer,Taifoor Khan, Semi Raheel, Irum Akhter,Farah Tufain, Aymi Khan, Sila Hashmi

Mera Na Khuda Koi Nahi (1950hrs)
Writer: Hanif Sehar
Cast: Talat Hussain, Saba Faisal,Salma Zafar, Ashfar Rehman, Nimra Khan,Anam Aqeel, Rubina Iqbal, Saleem Miraj, Zaiba Shehnaz

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APC decides to prepare National Plan of Action against terrorism. Fight against terrorism to continue: PM Afghan President has assured that no one will be allowed to use Afghan soil against Pakistan. PTI Chief announces to end sit-in in view of Peshawar tragedy .

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says there is no discrimination between good and bad Taliban and announces that the parliamentary committee will chalk out plan of action with in 7 days. - More

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has pledged once again to curb terrorism and bring peace not only to Pakistan but to the whole region. - More

US Secretary of State John kerry condemned the Peshawar school attack. - More

Younis Khan's 103 was in vain as Pakistan failed to chase down a target of 300 and lost the fourth ODI to New Zealand by seven runs. - More

Karachi Stock Exchange observed a bullish trend market in this morning trade. - More

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